Collection: Rail Dragons Series


The Rail Dragons are a species of dragon that can turn into rail vehicles.

Rail Dragons are born to help and serve humans in secret. But some spite the humans and believe they don’t deserve their help.

Rail Dragons usually live in ‘Fleets’. But there are also Rouge Rail Dragons who love anywhere. Rouges rarely come into contact with humans and sometimes live in pairs or alone.

This species and all characters belong to me, Rail Dragons are also a closed species. 


428: Alpha of Ballaston Fleet

DG: Second in command of Ballaston Fleet

Nora: Medic of Ballaston Fleet

Jigger: Member of Ballaston Fleet

Seventy: Rouge, DG’s twin brother 

Tank: Rouge, lives with Seventy

Dunbar: Rouge, DG and Seventy’s farther

Pohutukawa (Kawa): Rouge but now a spirit, DG and Seventy’s mother

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